By- Debarshi Dutta, Co-Founder & CEO

Agri-integrated supply chain and finance platform, Ayekart Fintech celebrates two years of its establishment in the country. Founded in December 2020, the start-up aimed to empower traditional businesses by digitizing their operations, assisting in finance, and providing value-added services. 

The platform started its pilot operations in June 2021, and further commercially rolled out its services in September 2021. It clocked a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of INR138 Cr, in the same Financial Year.

Aided by a high customer base and geographical expansion, the firm duly maintains its pace and profitability and is on track to close the FY-23 GMV at INR 600+ Cr with being PAT positive.

Thrilled to speak on the foundation day, Debarshi Dutta, Co-Founder & CEO, Ayekart Fintech, said, “Ayekart is uniquely positioned to grow its business by empowering the traditional business in the Food Agri Value Chain through technology, financial services, and value-added services. We expect to grow 4X in the current financial year. We measure our success criteria not only financially but by the impact created in the lives of people and growth in revenue of the business owners onboarded on the platform.”

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