Vikas Kumar ETBFSI October 07, 2022. 08:00 IST

Tricky path to walk on for businesses

Debarshi Dutta, Co-Founder, CEO of Ayekart said for fintech, festive season is an opportunity to increase its client base and multiply its business

“For many businesses it’s an opportunity to make profit in a short time to cover for a major part of the year, however that is where it becomes a tricky path to walk on There is a surge in credit demand and opportunities are multiplied for a short time. Like the pre-Covid years, we are seeing a surge in demand from our customer segment,” he said. “Major Fintech companies relies on their technology to assess demand and plan their offerings. We are worlding with traditional businesses majorly focusing on MSMEs and Retailers; many of our customers lacks in credit/ banking history, We believe in phygital model to access the credibility of our customers. Hence, we need to plan our offering much prior to the festive seasons so as to match the customer expectations,” Dutt added.

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