What are Pulses?

Pulses are the dry seeds from leguminous plants, used for the purposes of food or animal feed. They exclude those seeds that are harvested fresh i.e. green peas (considered vegetables) or used mainly for oil extraction  (soyabean, groundnut).

Some common examples of pulses used in Indian cuisine are kidney beans (Rajma), chickpeas (Chole), lentils (Arhar daal, chana daal). These form an integral part of a typical Indian meal, across every part of the nation

Great for the Environment

Growing pulses impacts the soil and environment in multiple ways

  • Pulses can convert atmospheric into nitrogen compounds that can be used by plants : This increases soil fertility and reduces the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers thereby contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Pulses can help protect the environment and climate : Incorporating pulses into crop rotation cycles reduces the risk of soil erosion & depletion, while creating a higher potential for soil carbon sequestration versus mono-crop cycles.
  • Pulses have a broad genetic diversity : This allows farmers to choose variants designed to address location, weather or other constraints that they may face (e.g. drought-resistant varieties).
  • Low wastage footprint : Pulses require minimal processing prior to consumption, and are shelf-stable, thereby reducing wastage across the value chain. The seeds can also be reused for planting even after long periods of storage.

Great for the Body

Pulses maybe seen as a superfood owing to the many benefits they provide on consumption.

  • Pulses are full of complex carbohydrates, proteins, micro-nutrients and B-vitamins, all of which are essential parts of a healthy diet 
  • Since they are high on fiber and complex carbohydrates, while being low on calories, they are digested slowly. This helps us feel satiated and assists in weight management.
  • The iron content in Pulses helps transport oxygen across the body, boosting metabolism and energy production, while preventing iron deficiency anemia
  • Pulses are naturally gluten-free and low in fat and sodium.
REFERENCE: https://www.fao.org/world-pulses-day/en/
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