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At the core is the AyeKart hub … a workflow management system which allows our finance and operations teams to run our business smoothly. This works in tandem with task specific applications used by the other participants. These include
Ayekart Mitra :- a sales force enablement mobility app
Ayekart Business :- used to log purchase orders, and offers suppliers visibility into market demand
Ayekart Insights :- a business decision support system, this allows Management and investors to track business and financial metrics.
Financer portal :- allows our partner financers to track and manage their portfolios digitally, from collection of documentation, to reviewing performance (payments, receipts, ageing) in real time.

In addition, we are building a number of add-on elements
Ayekart mini-ERP :- allows distributors to run their business (across multiple suppliers and retailers)
Ayekart Hisaab :- a one stop solution for a small retailer who can manage her entire business, including placing orders, managing sales, making & receiving payments and filing tax returns.
AyeScore :- an alternative credit scoring mechanism built around the specific nuances of these traditional businesses

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