• Digitize, handhold and provide
    platform to the traditional
    businesses, MSMEs, Retailers
  • Focused on Digitizing the
    Food and Agri Value Chain
  • Facilitate in creating market linkages
    for Farmer Cooperatives with Manufacturers,
    Processors and Distributors
  • Facilitate Manufacturers with
    new market linkages
  • Facilitate retailers go hyperlocal
    with their products
  • Enable Supply Chain Finance through
    financial institutions for pre-shipment
    finance, distributor / dealer finance
    and retailer finance
  • Complete workflow at the backend
    to facilitate for better SCF decisions
    and tracking of consignment
Ayekart is India's first integrated digital platform strengthening traditional businesses and agricultural value chain with finance, technology and services. As a 360° solution Ayekart addresses the needs of producers, farmers collectives, manufacturers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers.
  • A one stop platform for -

    Digital Marketplace
    Digital access to geographically dispersed new and larger markets, connect to multiple assured and reliable buyers/suppliers and promote own brand at B2B platform.

  • Finance
    Enable buyers and suppliers to manage cash flow, optimize their working capital through supply chain finance and build their creditworthiness for institutionalized credit.

  • Bringing Neighbourhood Stores Online
    Go hyperlocal, increase the online visibility of the 'mom and pop' stores with the B2C platform and reach out to the customers in the vicinity and pan India.

  • “Phygital” Shopping Experience for Consumers
    Place orders online on the B2C platform and avail the facility of scan and pay at the Ayekart enabled retail outlets.

  • Tech-enabled Digitalized Business
    Transition from traditional methods of processing orders, managing credit, inventory, accountancy, payments, etc., to digital automation.

    Complete workflow at the backend to facilitate optimizing business processes, efficiency and productivity with fewer errors and reduced operational cost.

    A comprehensive view of trends and insights for reviewing information, drawing conclusions and making improved decisions.
Ayekart Workflow

About Us

Circa 2020, the growth of MSMEs has become a top priority in India. According to the 73rd National Sample Survey (NSS), there are about 63.052 million non-agricultural MSMEs in India, of which 51.25% are in rural areas and 48.75% in cities. MSMEs have created 111 million jobs, including 36.041 million in manufacturing, 38.718 million in trade and 36.222 million in services. They contribute to 8% of India's GDP, 40% of the total exports and 45% of the manufacturing output.

According to International Finance Corporation (IFC), all formal and informal MSMEs in emerging markets face a funding gap of USD 2.1-2.6 trillion, equivalent to 30-36% of the current credit balance for MSMEs. The MSME loan market is underserved, a significant opportunity for fintech startups to create sustainable services through loans. Fintech loans apply to the MSME market, which has inferior liquidity and high credit cost. Further, the deepening of data digitization will lead to lower credit evaluation cost.

AyeKart is incubated by experienced Fintech, marketplace and Banking professionals with over nine decades of collective professional experience with domestic and international corporations. AyeKart as an ecosystem is an outcome of our decision to unleash our collective knowledge, industry connections and entrepreneurial aspirations to identify, solve and create a digital marketplace for the underserved MSME segment and their consumers.

Traditional businesses are typically powered by the founder and are run through his domain knowhow and connections, which are informally managed. Employees naturally play the role of running the day-to-day operations on the ground and have very little visibility to business nuances. They typically trust family members to be their lieutenants for diversification and scale. While this model worked very well in the pre-COVID era, digital marketplaces unleashed by large corporates and well-funded startups took a significant share of their business by disintermediating the supply chain on the B2B side or on the B2C side. This served as a wakeup call for most of them to be prepared for reality.

AyeKart platform acts as a backbone in digitally layering the existing MSME supply chain and can be accessed by stakeholders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers mobile applications. Instead of crowding each stakeholder's user experience with a single application, we took the route of offering three different applications focused on each segment.

1. Ayekart B2B application for efficient and trusted sourcing – Digital Supply Chain
2. Hisab application for store management- Professionally managed on a mobile
3. Ayekart B2C application for hyperlocal sales – Access your neighborhood stores digitally

While building AyeKart digital ecosystem, we have kept the following concepts in mind:
1. Self-Reliant ecosystem (Aatmanirbhar)
2. Quality First
3. Protect and create employment
4. Women empowerment
5. Glocal Platform (Build in India for the world)
6. Regulatory Compliance Facilitating decisions using AI/ ML
7. Use modern technology where it matters

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  • Enable 10 Million traditional businesses technologically and financially in 5 years
  • Go global providing Platform as a Service (PAAS) to 15 countries in 5 years


  • Establish a Global MSME supply chain digital ecosystem for trusted hyperlocal delivery

Our App

The integrated Ayekart ecosystem is a one-stop destination that simplifies business operations and links businesses with prospective customers.
Ayekart platform delivers a connected MSME supply chain ecosystem through focused mobile applications for:

Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers (AyeKart B2B)

Enables increased revenues, gain market share, and deepen relationships with their customers. It also helps identify and procure quality produce with trust enabled by formal credit.

Retailers or Merchants (Hisab)

Get complete control of daily business requirements, stock and staff management. The App also enables new sales channels, creates better purchase experiences and reduces turnaround time. Manage your business through a mobile application - right from inventory, staff, payments, to accounting and finance.


Get easy, convenient and seamless buying experiences of the choicest products at best possible prices.
We bring your neighbourhood convenience stores to a single mobile application.

Download app today

A one-stop destination that simplifies your business operations!


Hassle-free online and offline experience


Simplifies Business Requirements for New Entrants


Seamless B2B experience
Challenges of Entrepreneurs/ Small Merchants
  • - Maintaining and tracking stocks
  • - Maintaining and tracking credit receivables and payables
  • - Shying from asking to repay the money to creditors
  • - Getting Good Deals
  • - Staff and attendance management
Kirana stores or small corner shops
  • - Access to over 1.4 Million unorganized retailers
  • - Around 92% retailing from unorganized sector
  • - 60% of the business volumes in food and grocery

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