Enabling access to credit for our clients

Securing access to credit is a common challenge for participants across the food and agri value chain. We address this through a phased approach.

1. Acquire & Transact : we onboard clients after collecting all necessary documentation, and conducting social audits. This allows our clients to source and sell on our platform.

2. Supply chain finance : Building a history of transactions and payments, makes them eligible for limited supply chain finance or goods on credit for short periods

3. Lending from banks & NBFCs : As they grow bigger and the needs increase we assist in securing funding as BCs of NBFCs and banks

FI Partner benefits

We enable access to untapped MSMEs and FPOs / FPCs with digitized documentation and transaction history.
Risk Mitigation
Lending in our closed user group provides enhanced visibility to lenders on current as well as future revenues.
Our platform facilitates priority sector lending and also provides a mechanism for delivering social impact.

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